29 December 2014

merry, merry!

christmas in south carolina was the loveliest. my parents' house all decked for the holidays never ceases to amaze me and we had the prettiest fog on christmas eve followed by the prettiest sunset on christmas day. and, of course, spending days on days surrounded by family and my oldest friends was such a treat. i so enjoy having time to do simple, everyday things that i miss out on living far away --things like running errands with my dad and stopping for ice cream after, taking drives on the back roads that i grew up on, and joining friends for coffee, talking for hours with no sense of time. 

my favorite memory of the week is the moment on christmas morning when my parents realized they each got the other a record player…and then their realization that i had known the whole time. countless high fives and belly laughs ensued. 


  1. Your parents are the cutest. So glad you've had such a lovely holiday.

  2. My favorite memory of the week as well! Well played Moyer...well played! I'm still laughing...