04 December 2014

bob dylan, beacon theater, december 2.

seeing bob dylan perform live—and in new york city—was a pinch me moment. if i am being candid, the show itself wasn't great—it was nearly impossible to decipher the songs, lyrics to old favorites (like "blowin' in the wind" and "tangled up in blue") were changed, and i was a little sad that he didn't play the guitar. 

but no matter, because bob dylan. bob dylan at the piano, bob dylan in a white hat, bob dylan on the harmonica, tugging at my heartstrings. what an opportunity it was, catching a living legend live. 


  1. You know, I thought the same thing when I got the opportunity to see Bob Dylan in 2013. With that said, I had third row seats and it was Bob Dylan. That was good enough for me. : )