29 November 2014

ladies and babies.

my girlfriends in south carolina have been busy having babies and i spent the first morning of my thanksgiving visit getting to know their little ones. with five women to four babies, the ratio was ideal. the free set of hands at any given moment kept the coffee flowing. keeping babies alive/happy and coffee cups full...priorities. 

it was such a good morning. somehow six (!) hours passed without notice as we sat together, taking turns holding the babies and marveling at their personalities and individual quirks...solomon's serious brow and clasped hands and amos' adoration of his new baby brother ("baby solly!"), avery's long legs and tiny fingernails, kinsley's animated expressions and tongue always sticking out. a special shout out goes to mollie, who came straight from her rounds at the hospital, still in scrubs, to join the fun. 

it's a really neat thing, being friends since we were babies...and now watching them raise their own. of all the things i have experienced with these lifelong friends, this stage is the sweetest so far. 

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