26 November 2014

grateful this morning.

grateful to be back in south carolina with my family for thanksgiving, and all that that entails.

grateful for how my dad met me at the airport with chips and queso from my favorite mexican restaurant and for the way christy had turned the light on in my room. grateful for how welcomed home i feel.

grateful for time to do the things i miss daily living so far away - lunch dates with my grandfather, family dinners gathered around the table, cuddling friends' newborn babies for hours on end. grateful for aimless, winding drives in the country and lazy mornings sleeping late in my old bed. grateful for small, silly things like bojangles biscuits and sweet tea - little things that tie to me to my southern roots.

grateful to be writing this from the sweet, familiar comfort of my parents' kitchen table this quiet morning - striped socks and hot coffee, time slowed way down and jake dog always underfoot. it's really wonderful to be here.


  1. This post just made me cry! Happy tears of course! So happy to have you home sweetie!

  2. I love the picture you've painted here. It's beautiful! I'm looking forward to reflecting on what I'm thankful for in my blog tomorrow.