24 November 2014

chinatown food crawl.

it's that time of year! friends and i bundled up on saturday for our annual chinatown food crawl—nine stops over seven hours when all was said and done. our crew doubled in size from last year and the more really is the merrier. 

i look forward to this outing all year. it's such a fun, unique way to experience our city and try new things together, and for cheap! everyone brings a twenty dollar bill and no one spends it all, not even close. the day is not at gluttonous as it sounds; we share every dish but the buns. when it comes to pumpkin buns, everyone is suddenly quite possessive :) 

here's our route, if you are interested:

- pork buns at mei lai wah (64 bayard street)
- pork burgers at xi'an famous foods (67 bayard street)
- mango pomelo sago at indessert (1 east broadway)
- kebabs at xin jian prosperity (corner of forsyth and east broadway)
- dumplings and sesame pancakes at prosperity dumplings (46 eldridge street)
- taro tea at teado (145d hester street)
- beef jerky at malaysian beef jerky (95a elizabeth street)
- pumpkin buns at golden steamer (143a mott street)
- soup dumplings at shanghai cafe deluxe (100 mott street)

last but not least, we ended the afternoon at whiskey tavern (76 baxter street) for hot toddies and the photobooth in the back. let's just say it was a really good day.

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