20 October 2014


the weather was crisp and delicious, and i was always cradling a hot drink in my hands. several times throughout the weekend, usually while doing nothing in particular, i found myself thinking, "well, if this isn't nice, i don't know what is." it was that sort of weekend. 

some favorites: tacos at el diablito, a show at mercury lounge, hungry ghost coffee for the wander, a golden afternoon in prospect park, playing wingwoman while emily shopped for a fancy party dress, birthdays to celebrate, a lovely book club brunch, and a stop by brooklyn larder since i can't stay away whenever i'm in the neighborhood. if you're ever in or around park slope, you want brooklyn larder's ham, gruyere, and spicy pickle sandwich, yes, you do. 


  1. oh, how divine! glad the weekend treated you well!

  2. hungry ghost is an awesome name for a coffee shop and great photos - such beautiful and rich fall colors!