13 October 2014

the great new york city staycation of 2014.

this weekend was all about cozy sweaters, big mugs, and taking my time. with three days in the city stretching before me, i decided to approach the long weekend like i was on holiday. people travel from every corner of the world to visit new york city, the backdrop of my every day. i wanted to get a look at the place through fresh eyes.

so i slept in each day and read in bed for hours, sometimes falling right back to sleep. i bought the fancy yogurt and lit candles at breakfast. i tried new restaurants with friends—whitman's for burgers, potjanee for pad thai. i read two books and got a little lost in the west village with my camera. i paid attention. i tried foot reflexology and went for after dinner drinks at wilfie and nell. i took a nighttime cab home up the west side highway. i went for brunch at sarabeth's and a colorful stroll in central park. i whiled away the rain at whynot on christopher street—something to read, something to sip, vinyl spinning softly in the corner, and a window seat to boot, and i'm a happy girl.

it was a good thing, playing tourist in my own city.  it rested me and restored me, and nestled among the new finds and old joys was reminder after reminder of why i am fortunate to live here, now. perspective is an important thing to shake up every now and again.


  1. Your staycation looks absolutely lovely! Can't wait for our next trip! XO

  2. This sounds like the perfect weekend to me, and a perfect way to enjoy the City!

    And wow, those marshmallows! I think I know what I'm adding to my grocery shopping list this week.


  3. I think you just about described what my perfect weekend would look like! I live in Sydney, Australia where we're smack in the middle of springtime. The flowers are blooming and the jasmine growing on the fences of houses scent the air so beautifully. But still, i yearn for New York. We've visited twice and both times, my heart was stolen by the magic and energy of the city. I'm looking forward to visiting again, hopefully, in 2016. And i'm so glad i found your blog (through a comment you left on Cup of Jo)!