22 October 2014

book club // the witches.

my book club thought roald dahl's the witches fitting for october. the witches is one of those books i can't believe i somehow skipped over in my childhood and i'm so glad to have finally read it. i'm finding that reading (especially re-reading) children's books as an adult has its charms.

we gathered to discuss over brunch at hundred acres. it was the coldest day we've had this season and curling up by the window with hot coffee and good conversation was just the thing for a brisk autumn sunday. i ordered the savory bread pudding (goat cheese, sage, spinach, and poached eggs) and it quickly became one of my favorite dishes.


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    1. aw thank you, friend! cannot wait to visit you! it'll be here before we know it.

  2. roald dahl was my FAVORITE as a child. loved the witches, but don't watch the movie. angelica houston was perfectly cast for the role, but the movie as a whole fell short. now the 70s version of charlie and the chocolate factory... that was a good book-to-movie translation.
    also, those poached eggs (!) i'm drooling. :)

  3. I loved that book! I think I should read it again now too...

  4. Sorry, still enamored with your bangs...that's all...