07 October 2014


my year through my eyes: a photo a day, every week, all year long.

october 1 - autumn's first color. 

october 2 - freeman alley charms me every time.  

october 3 - opening night. 

october 4 - good for treats and conversation. 

october 5 - i love time spent with this beauty. she's got the sweetest heart.

october 6 - …and i am living on her homemade bread this week. it is divine.

october 7 - made me smile, made me cry. the most thoughtful gift. 


  1. Did you like gone girl? I've heard great things.

    1. i did! it was really well done (though very intense in places) and it stays incredibly true to the story (i just read that the author also wrote the screenplay). i do recommend it!

  2. Ooooh good use of the bread! I should try that!