16 September 2014

worlds might be revealed by scrutinizing the ordinary.

over the weekend, i happened upon an incredible exhibit at the met. it showcases the work of garry winogrand, a photographer of american life, particularly in new york city, from the 1950s to 1980s. i was previously unfamiliar with his work and now i cannot stop thinking about the images i saw this weekend. 

i find street photography terribly fascinating -- it's just so real. these photographs capture those post-war years so rawly and honestly -- central park protests, airport scenes, zoo animals, politicians, hippies, lovers, daily life -- and winogrand's candid style really echoes with me. if there is anything at all i would like to capture with my own camera, it is how life really was -- how it really is. 

if you are in or around new york and interested, the exhibit runs through september 21. the title of this post comes from the sign at the entrance. i love that thought -- all that we might gain by paying attention to (and even celebrating!) life's small, ordinary moments.  


  1. Well, either I come back up this weekend or it's off to Paris to catch this exhibit! This looks amazing!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing! How delightful!