07 August 2014

boston | strolling in the public garden.

second only to beacon hill for me was the public garden. i know how much central park enriches my life in new york—i honestly don't think i could wholeheartedly embrace urban life without peaceful, green space to escape to from time to time—and i savored the afternoon we wandered in and around the garden. flowers, swan boats, and willow trees abound—the place sings with whimsy.

and a sweet memory to tuck away: i was snapping photos when i heard my name called, and i turned around to see angie running toward me. running into a new york friend elsewhere—what are the chances? incredible how this big world can sometimes seem so small. 


  1. these photos are so bright and make me so very happy.

    I do have my sights set on a bigger city (not nyc big, mind you!) after I finish college, but I will always need greenery around me. I guess that is a curse (yet, a good one!) of being a Kentuckian.

  2. I still cannot get over the fact that we ran into each other there. That was magical!

    Also I am loving all your boston pictures, as I knew I would. It's fun to see where our trips overlapped. we were on some of the same streets in beacon hill!