30 July 2014

here & there.

talking last week with friends angie and amanda, i felt really inspired by the idea of the three of us living the same hours and days in different corners of the country. we decided that each of us would snap a photo on the same day at roughly the same time, for a glimpse of a single moment in multiple places. a look at life, here and there. 

saturday, july 26:

2:17 pm p.s.t.
palo alto, california 
a saturday afternoon stroll between activities can be an activity in and of itself. 
by amanda

3:10 pm m.s.t.
lindon, utah
capturing a brand new family of three.
by angie

5:06 pm e.s.t.
new york, new york
waiting for a train.
by me


  1. I absolutely love this idea.

    And wish I could sneak into Peets Coffee, but I guess I'll settle for Dunkin Donuts...

  2. Yep. Shoulda shot the mountains. Haha