06 June 2014

rain on a glass roof.

new york has been a delightfully grey mess of a place lately. we've had our share of sun but a lot of days have tossed in a thunderstorm for good measure. i love days like that. they remind me of my days back in charleston when even the most beautiful summer afternoon was likely to be interrupted by a storm, swift and furious, and quickly back to sunny business as usual. 

a few days ago, courtney and i were at brunch at marche de sud on the upper east side, sitting on the covered patio when the rains blew in. our waiter welcomed us to stay and kept refilling our coffee, even after we had paid. and so we did. we talked that stormy afternoon away, and i fell hard for the sound of rain on a glass roof. 


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  2. sounds like a perfectly magical way to spend an afternoon. you're such a beaut, lex!