15 May 2014

book club // i feel bad about my neck.

this month, we paired nora ephron's vignettes on womanhood with a couple of her upper west side favorites: gray's papaya and cafe lalo. gray's papaya is a glorified hot dog stand and, in nora ephron's opinion, the most romantic restaurant in manhattan. i adore her for that.

but mostly i adore her spirit. ms. ephron gifted us women who are bold but lovely, soft but strong. women armed with ideas and wit and feist and fire, while delighting in daisies and cookbooks and hair products and love stories. women who make no apologies for their femininity. the sort of woman i aim to be.

appropriate, then, to discuss this woman and her work with friends alongside whom i'm navigating life and new york and womanhood, and life as a woman in new york. some days it can all be very daunting and i'm thankful to have a great many women i can look to and learn from. i'm lucky that way.