09 May 2014

blossoms revisited.

they are in peak bloom this week. my goodness, the splendor. 

i needed a spring this year. i know it because of my utter embrace of it. my rejoicing in open windows and sunglasses and leaving home in the mornings with my hair still wet. shedding the layers on layers of winter and all that came before, spring invites a simplicity. it calls for a pause to look around and pay attention to the unfolding around me. it offers lesson after lesson on patience and growth and transition, on the growing that happens in the in-between spaces. lessons worth showing up for, again and again.


  1. This is beautiful. I too have been photographing blossoms and appreciating them, but they're even more beautiful when you can connect them to the qualities you described above.

    p.s. Happy Friday!

  2. this makes me miss running so much! that was how i used to get out and see the park and appreciate the blossoms! I totally missed these this year! thank you so much for taking these photos so I could still "visit" my favorite springtime spot in the park.