21 May 2014


my year through my eyes: a photo a day, every week, all year long.

may 14 - shake shack and conversation. grateful for nights like that. 

may 15 - stunning when the buildings disappear like that.

may 16 - morning wait at oren's.

may 17 - love watching her as a mom.

may 18 - blissful afternoon on the great lawn.

may 19 - spotted in soho. 

may 20 - vanilla almond milk in everything lately. coffee, oatmeal, all of it. 


  1. That night at the shack was so. good.

    I also love when buildings disappear into the fog.

    And would you believe it, I have a carton of unsweetened vanilla almond milk in my fridge THIS VERY MOMENT. I have also been enjoying it thoroughly.

    This is why we're friends.

  2. Oh and I kind of want to eat that baby's cheeks. So cute!!!