21 April 2014


photos from last week in utah. i've had a love affair with the west for years now and it was such a treat to be back there, this time with angie and her family. they gave me a grand tour: salt lake city, zion, provo, park city, and a hundred tiny towns in between. from sun up to late night, we were constantly seeing and doing, and i fell into bed each night properly spent. the good kind of tired. 

a few favorites: waking up at sundance, early morning hikes, the drive to zion, mount timpanogos, fry sauce, homemade brunch with old friends, the peace i felt from the mountains, and those red, red rocks. 


  1. The post I've been waiting for!!! I love seeing Utah through your eyes! Such beautiful photos. It was so, so good to be with you in my home. Now, let's go back!

  2. swooooon! so so so fun hanging with you. love that you had fry sauce. :)