09 April 2014


what a weekend. adventurous, chaotic, hilarious, exhausting, food-filled bliss. 

a bunch of us flew down to be with carson and megan as they got married and we put every second to good use. a few favorites: torchy's (tacos), kerbey lane (peanut butter-banana-nutella pancakes), jo's (coffee), south congress (window shopping), trudy's (breakfast tacos), and sno-beach (snow cones of my dreams). i am still thinking about those snow cones. 

no doubt, we barely skimmed the surface, but no matter. austin, i will be back.

1 comment:

  1. Pancakes that have peanut butter and Nutella?! Wow. (I'm now wondering where I could find those in NY!) I'm glad you had a good time!