30 April 2014


my year through my eyes: a photo a day, every week, all year long.

april 23 - needed this.

april 24 - felt so good to carve out time for these small, simple things. 

april 25 - made me happy. 

april 26 - for hours and hours while the storm rolled in. 

april 27 - loved these laughs at brunch. 

april 28 - thumbs up to homemade poptarts at culture on 38th street.

april 29 - that lone pink umbrella made my day. 


  1. Wow, the food and drink in the 4/24 photo looks delicious. Is that a blintz?

    And yes to colorful umbrellas! I saw one in Central Park a few weeks ago, also among darker ones, but not like this. Great eye!

  2. I still remember the day you made us homemade pop tarts in the tree house...