12 March 2014


my year through my eyes: a photo a day, every week, all year long.

march 5 - the musicians are one of my favorite things about new york. 

march 6 - counting down the days to friends' weddings. can't wait. 

march 7 - avett brothers and old crow on a friday night. 

march 8 - the first walk of spring.

march 9 - snowmelt in central park. 

march 10 - reading this week.

march 11 - it was too nice not to walk the long way. 


  1. I have a similar stack of books to read on my bookshelf! And yes to warm, spring-like days and subway musicians (mine was a violinist at Grand Army Plaza)!

  2. Everything about Elizabeth just makes me smile!

  3. Thanks Christy! Your instagram makes ME smile :)

  4. Considering this post is from March, it's safe to say, yes -- I am stalking your blog!

    But I have to comment and tell you that I was at that Avett Brothers/OCMS concert, and judging from your photo, our seats could not have been too far away from each other! I love the Avetts :)

    1. ha! small world! it was such a great show. thanks for reaching out! :)