13 February 2014

weekend with family, not to be forgotten.

i had my sweet family here with me over my birthday weekend. such a treat! my dad and stepmom are so playful, so fun. we spent most of our time together in central park—walking, talking, sledding. we also met up with my friends throughout the weekend for brunch, drinks, and such. i love seeing my people all together. 

other highlights of the weekend: a trip to shake shack, a yoga class, my dad's jokes, hot chocolate at cafe sabarsky, a showing of inside llewyn davis (my second time seeing it...go!), wanders around the village and bowery, and the time their flight got canceled and we gained a whole extra day. we filled that day with a trip to the met, thai takeout, and a nighttime snow walk through the city, just dad and me. 

of all our visits since i moved away, this one stands out in memory as my favorite. just something about it. seeing them play in the snow, enjoy my friends, and really dive into my life in new york...it makes my heart happy. again and again and again. 


  1. I am so happy I got to spend some time with them too! they are such good people and so warm and just good to be around. you are blessed to have such wonderful parents! so happy you had such a perfect weekend together.

  2. oh my gosh! i was at central park the same time as you were!! i remember your group!

  3. We had the most magnificent time! I love you, your city, and your people! I feel a spring visit in the air!

  4. New York looks magical to me, any time of the year but especially covered in snow. I love your photos. This snowy winter has brought our the child in me a little too, who doesn't love to get out and play in the snow.