24 February 2014

sunday afternoon.

weather like that is not to be wasted and i spent it with my ladies, bethany and elizabeth. we went to tea & sympathy, browsed anthropologie, wandered chelsea, and grabbed a table at grumpy coffee, where elizabeth kept us laughing. i came home feeling excited for spring and its promise of more days like this. 


  1. what a great way to spend sunday afternoon

  2. That's funny! I went to Chelsea and Anthropologie on Sunday too. I'm glad to hear you had a good time!
    Here's to Spring coming soon!

  3. So pretty! Is that Dos Caminos?? By the way, Elizabeth still has me laughing!

    1. it's not but good eye! very similar! and funny that you ask, because i just told b and e about our trip to dos caminos and how great that space is.