27 February 2014

book club // the monuments men.

my book club met last night to discuss the monuments men at joy burger. the city view from the window seat in the corner does it every time.

this one was a bit of a struggle for us. we all agreed that we enjoyed the subject matter, but the book reads like a textbook so we had a hard time sticking with it. even so, i am glad we chose it, because i previously had no idea of the incredible work done to preserve art and culture during the second world war—and our world today is richer for it. 

i still enjoy our monthly book club so. we've been at it for a whole year now and i've read twelve books i have really enjoyed, but might not have chosen for myself otherwise. it feels good to step outside my comfort zone. plus, it's such a treat to explore common interests with my girlfriends and draw closer to them through these conversations. 

next up: agatha christie!


  1. This makes me smile! Good times...goooood times...XO

  2. This makes me smile! Good times...goooood times...XO

  3. Note to self--sucking through a straw = cheekbones.
    Here's to a year, bookies!