20 January 2014

adventures uptown.

my girlfriends and i have been reading the goldfinch together over the past few weeks and, wouldn't you know, the actual painting of the goldfinch has recently been on display at the frick museum. we heard about the exhibit only six days before it closed and raced uptown to see it...as did the rest of new york. fortunately for us, we are all crazy and willing to wait a couple of hours in a line wrapped around three city blocks in 30-something degree weather.

the exhibit was beautiful and so worth the hype and long wait. seeing these incredible pieces up close and in person reminded me of how fortunate i am to live in a city where art is so accessible—and to have friends always up for an adventure.


  1. Girl with the Pearl Earring is one of my most favorite pieces ever! So sad I never made it to the Frick while I was there. Next time, definitely!

  2. That trip was worth every single frozen toe!

  3. I so wished the exhibit was hanging around just a bit longer!