30 December 2013

christmas in carolina.

ten sweet days and so deeply good.

my family gathered together around the table to frost butter cookies. we took an afternoon to wander downtown greenville and a day trip up to asheville. we marveled at twinkly lights and pretty houses and how no one can make a moyer laugh…like another moyer. there was baked monte cristo on christmas morning. we hoped for snow. i talked hours away with my oldest friends and visited their so-very-grown-up homes. i held their babies. 

2013 had its challenges, but its greatest blessing was time. time with my family was more abundant throughout this year than any since i have moved to new york and for that i am unspeakably thankful. i am hoping the same will hold true in the new year, for time spent together is the best thing i can think of. 


  1. This is a really sweet, personal post. I am in a similar position, though I'm looking to make and spend time with more friends this year. I too am anticipating all that 2014 could bring.

    Happy New Year!

    - Alina

  2. I absolutely love the photos in this post! So glad you had a great Christmas and New Years. I hope 2014 will bring the best for both of us!


  3. i love how in that family photo you can just tell how much your dad and christy love having you home. also, your lipstick!