07 November 2013

color my life.

i am utterly helpless against new york and its charms. these past few weeks—and most especially the last several days—every inch of this city is drenched in glorious color. it seems that all i write about lately is autumn in new york city but, really, it's overwhelming me this year in the very best way.  

over the weekend, i enjoyed the sweetest of fall days with friend angie and her parents. we went out for brunch and a park walk, and i was reminded once again how blessed i have been with friendship, all my life and particularly since moving here and building a life from the ground up. so many people to love.


  1. amazing colours - love that huge yellow tree in the first photo

  2. As always, I love what you see through your lens! I have been enamored with this fall as well and can't get enough of the color and light! Miss you!

  3. those colors…oh my. and your haircut? ridiculously cute.