20 November 2013

book club // goodbye to all that.

over the weekend, my book club met for brunch at bubby's to discuss goodbye to all that, a collection of essays by writers who loved—and left—new york. the book was inspired by joan didion's essay of the same name and it's got me thinking about my very own new york.

scattered all across this city are corners specific to my narrative—that favorite flower stand (83rd and amsterdam), morning commutes on the b train (if i am lucky, the c train if i am not), the shops where i buy cheese (fairway) and coffee (zabar's), the west village restaurant where i had my worst first date, the subway platform in soho where i had my best first kiss.

between this blog and my journal, the details of my days are mostly well documented, but these essays are inspiring me to take a closer look, to make a more thorough note, of not just what happened, but where. because if three years have taught me anything about new york, it's that it changes constantly, from one day to the next.


  1. Love these pictures and your words -- it is amazing to sit back and see how things in a city change so easily from day to day.

  2. if there is anyone who notices the details in life, it's you! your essay is your photos, i think, and it's a lovely story, indeed.

  3. On my list (: You've inspired me to pick my pen up TODAY ... thank you.