22 July 2013

scenes from amagansett.

 a train trip east. a cozy pair of bungalows, ours for the weekend. waves by day, stars by night. s'mores. porch naps. lobster rolls. card games and pie night. that blue, blue bay. waking up to watch the sun rise and falling back to sleep. the wind in the trees. the moon, watching over all of it. fireflies. everywhere.


  1. Oh my! These are beautiful! The colors are so rich and I want a Lobster Roll! What fun! I love you and have a wonderful week! XOXO

  2. Looks like you had an amazing time. And yes, fireflies! I was just in Virginia and there were so many fireflies. They would light up the trees as if it was christmas!

    x elizabeth of thompson & prince

  3. honestly, perfect. i want to live this every day. the east holds that sort of something special feeling.

  4. This pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Girl, you got skillz.

    Also, what a phenomenally perfect weekend! Happy for you.