18 June 2013

afternoon at bierkraft.

saturday and nowhere better to be than a bench in the shade, spending time with friends. afternoon turned into later turned into dinner turned into late, and the thing i remember most about that day is this:

by the time i headed home, manhattan-bound trains were a mess, as sometimes happens on weekends. i shared a cab with a couple i'd met earlier in the night and as we crossed the brooklyn bridge—an entrance into manhattan i've never made—i was struck by the thought that saturday ended in a place i didn't plan to be with people i didn't know when i woke up that morning, and i felt a little richer for it. 

and so it is in these moments when i am stopped dead in my tracks and remember to be grateful for adventure and experience and how all of it, every delicious breadcrumb of it—the nights i didn't plan on and the thoughtful walks to nowhere and the conversations that begin late and greet the morning—adds up to something. life, done well. 

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  1. You captured something great here. Days like that are often few and far between, and they really stick with you in a special way. :)