14 March 2013

into the stacks.

i am halfway through each of them. what are you reading these days?


  1. I am currently reading Kinfolk Volume 7. It's hardly a novel, but just as indulgent. :) I really, really like that first image, by the way! It captures the feel of a city apartment so well.

  2. I like this - simple and lovely. I'm reading Tiger Lily, Eat Pray Love, and the newest Lucky mag. :)

  3. How funny. I took pictures of my bookshelf yesterday (because I had just gotten books from our agency's former library), though I did not post them.

    I am mostly reading a lot of The New Yorker (so many interesting articles these past few weeks!), but am finishing "Letters to a Young Poet." I have "To the Lighthouse," "Anna Karenina," and "Tender is the Night" sitting on top of my bookshelf.

  4. Light Between Oceans and Sh*t My Dad Says...One heartbreaking the other hilarious. I am so conflicted! XO

  5. I am reading my very first graphic novel, the Watchmen, for my book club! It's really interesting, and a bit confusing- I am enjoying it overall though.

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  6. textbooks, the names of which i will withhold out of concern that you might fear for my sanity.

    cookbooks, including what katie ate and the smitten kitchen cookbook.

    the book of mormon and the latest issue of sunset magazine (always).