01 February 2013

banana bread.

a homemade treat for the second time this week (it's been a good week over here), this one the result of a late night, post-laundromat fit of inspiration. and also maybe a desire to address the sad bananas on my counter.

i didn't have a tablespoon of bourbon on hand, so i substituted maple syrup out of curiosity and it gets along swimmingly with the cinnamon and nutmeg. i'm pleased.

also: it's february! my favorite.


  1. Birthday time!!! Also, that looks deeeeelicious. And maple syrup? Genius.

  2. mmm sounds like it would be a good substitution. inspiration for me to deal with the sad bananas on my counter too.

  3. Lovely pictures, looks delicious!

    I love a bit of bourbon in my banana bread, but maple syrup sounds delicious too!

  4. Oh so good. I love banana bread..toss in some walnuts and chocolate chips and my husband would be a happy man too