10 September 2012

two years.

two years of my treehouse. of the b train. of thinking grand central terminal the most romantic place on earth. two whole years of this job i love. of these sweet friends, all of them from elsewhere. of loving october the most. of me, sussing out a life in new york. i'm so glad i ended up here. 


  1. Lovely photo, I just love it when the clouds are fluffy like that. So many things to be happy for, congrats on two years!

    Love & Whimsy

  2. What a beautiful image! Congratulations on two years in NYC!

  3. Gosh, time flies!! I don't think I've ever seen a city fit someone so well as NYC fits you.

    Also, I have your chili pulled up on one of my tabs right now, so I can remember to make it sometime soon! Yum!!

  4. This is a gorgeous photo. I got a chance to take an peek at your blog, and I love it! So classy and gorgeous. I'm definitely following! :)


  5. Love this. It should be a large-scale print. Etsy!