31 August 2012

odds & ends.

and a few good things:

feeling all sorts of inspired with the changing of the season

making an event of breakfast: candles, coffee, sitting down to the table

finding photos i don't remember taking

dreaming up a daytrip


  1. I love photos I don't remember taking. Like the other day, I happened upon a photo I took of my pup, when she was still a tiny little puppy. I nearly started crying with joy!

  2. Beautiful quotes. Seriously. And yes! Finding old photos you don't remember taking is like remembering memories you forgot you had. ;)

  3. truth.
    and that cup of tea is a beauty. print it. frame it.
    love, lindsay

  4. Lovely photos! You've inspired me to make a fancy breakfast. Maybe for my boyfriend this weekend when I finally get to see him :)

    Have a great labor day weekend!

    Love & Whimsy

  5. Love love love these quotes!! They encapsulate how I feel about literature so well! Also, these are stunning photos. I especially like the last one :) Thanks for sharing! Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams