20 August 2012

dad in nyc.

i had the most wonderful time with my dad here over the weekend.

we walked everywhere and talked a lot and laughed hard and i took him to jack's for a homemade oreo. i loved getting to show him my life, my friends, these spaces i fill: a few hours at joe for coffee and the sunday times. the hungarian pastry shop for the best croissants this side of paris. a stop by my office to show him what i am working on. a saturday wander around soho. a sunday walk in the park. i so loved having him here.

come back soon, dad, ok? 


  1. I know how much it bites to be away from your family. Whenever my parents come to visit, I can't help but jump around inside (and out) right before they arrive.

    It's like coming home from summer camp...or something?

  2. Love your photos! Just found you through Rockstar Diaries. My parents are in Europe and I see them maybe once a year, this year maybe not at all. It really sucks to be away from them and it's been now 8 years since I moved here. Sometimes I think about moving back to Europe with my husband. One day.

    Have a great new week!

  3. i love when parents visit and you get to play tourist and show them around. show them all your favorite places, introduce them to all your favorite people, & show them them the life you've created.

    beautiful photos as always.

    x's & o's

  4. I always love it when my Dad comes to visit. So much laughter and food is consumed. Glad to hear you had a good time.

  5. Your photos are beautiful :)

    Sending some love from Singapore

  6. I love your blog! All of your pictures are stunning! I can't wait till it cools down here in AZ so we can go on some walks!!! How fun your Dad got to come visit!!! -now following!!

  7. Lovely photos! I loved when I lived away from my parents that they came to visit so I can show them around. these photos are making me want to visit your neck of the woods too!