05 July 2012

the 4th.

we passed the day with dad's pancakes in the morning, a full day of boating and swimming, a family dinner on the porch, and fireworks before bed. the littles might have jumped from the porch a few times; my dad might have joined them with a back flip or two. i snuck a nap in and the corn on the cob was the sweetest i can remember. 


  1. Looks like the best day! Dying to be in America for 4th of July one year! Xx

  2. hello!
    happy 4th?? but Colorado people suffer forest fires, and in the eastern states like Virginia, Ohio, and Maryland people are going through storm due to derecho which incurs casualties and blackout.... Moreover extreme heat continues....

    It is such a pity for this glorious holidy.... In South Dakota 4 people, a military cargo plane crashed and 4 people died of it...

    Usually flamboyant fireworks take place all over the countries in the Forth of July, but this year only a few places have it.... yesterday.. I watch the movies, like Independence Day, The Patriot, and The Swamp Fox.

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful day with your family! I am jealous that you went out on a boat. :)