14 June 2012

thursday, thankful.

for candid photos that surface days after the fact. because i am usually the one behind the camera, and sometimes i miss things. because i am really going to want to remember this time, these new york minutes, every angle of them, who i spent them with, how playful we all were. because i can fill my pockets with all the stories they can hold, but it's the photos, the evidence that we were here, that all of this happened, that undo me.


  1. Love this. :) And I definitely do the same. My pockets are bursting at the seams with memories I try to preserve.
    Just wish I had bigger pockets. ;)


  2. i have a whole box full of captured new york minutes of my last visit. every now and then i sit down and go through them. always with a smile on my face.


  3. there is nothing better than photos like this. nothing.

    - lauren