05 June 2012

through washington square.

this weekend's weather was flawless and perfect for wandering. kristen had never been to the city before and really just wanted to see everything, so just after breakfast in the west village and just before browsing dusty record stores and bookshops in the east village, there was that stroll through washington square. it's one of my favorite places in the city; you never know what you're going to see over there. such a playful little corner of new york.


  1. Oh how I miss this place AND you!!

    I want the flowering shrub at the top! I have seen them all over and think they are beautiful! Need to find out what they are!

    So glad you and Kristen had such a great visit! Was she as awe struck as I was my first time?

    I love you!!

  2. It does look like a playful corner! I love how city-dwellers just plop down on the grass on sunny days.