08 June 2012

a postcard

of this week's small joys. glorious floods of morning light, the city in full bloom, late-night frozen hot chocolate, tunnock's tea cakes for sale at my grocer, and happy thoughts of a lazy weekend ahead.

also this week: two years of this blog, of endless photos, of capturing the bits and pieces of 
my world at 22…then 23…now 24. thank you for stopping in—i'm so happy to have you here.


  1. love, love, love. hope you have that wondefully lazy weekend!

  2. Thank you for your lovely blog! It made me fall in love with the City again, and with all the whimsical and little things that it has to offer.

  3. That frozen hot chocolate is no small thing. Can you believe I've never had one?! All the more reason to get back out there :). You and your photos are just lovely.

  4. frozen hot chocolate sounds amazing! and congratulations on the two years :) im so happy you started your blog. x