26 April 2012

thursday, thankful.

for daydreams

for the simple beauty of mismatched dishes

for beloved nicknames

for park bench sitting

for tidy, cheerful window boxes

…and for the caring souls that tend them

for strawberries + nutella, and all the problems they can fix

for friends that insist i start from the beginning.


  1. love this post!

  2. beautiful images! love them all :)

  3. I love your blog. Found it through a friend of mine's blog. Your inspiring pictures and words bring a smile to my face daily. And now I want to travel to NY city more than ever. You are a wonderful photographer btw...enjoy the day :)
    ps: all your pics are beautiful, but those tulips are perfect.

  4. holy holy. this post is literally leaving me jaw dropped. gorgeous photos. che bella!

  5. This may be the prettiest post I've ever seen. You are such a talented photographer, Alexa! May I ask what kind of camera you use? (I know it's mainly your raw talent and experience and great eye for beauty, but I really need a better camera! I use my iPhone camera far too often.) Thanks!

  6. Thank you for your kind comments! @Chanel, I use a Nikon D3000 and the kit lens!

  7. Alexa, thank you for the camera info! You wield that piece of equipment the way a master artist uses a palette of lively colors! I love the way you tell stories through your photography. (And your poetic words!)

    Have you upgraded your camera since you began your blog? Your photography has genuinely blossomed and become simply sublime!