14 March 2012

on the company i keep.

an is there anything i can do to make it better? and a stop by the wafels & dinges truck after work truly go a long way in making a hard day good. i'm really grateful for these friends of mine, the whole lot of them. i've got myself a gaggle of sweet spirits willing to drop everything to listen, to remind me i'm loved, to try to make me laugh. i'm really lucky that way.


  1. That is what true friends are--I have had such a transition with my friends since the end of uni but think I have got to place now where I see people for who they are and I kow who I can rely on.

  2. It's a wonderful feeling to know that you have a support system. On the other hand, those waffles look scrumptious. The truck was by my neighborhood the other day, but I resisted. Now I wish I would've tried it!

  3. Yes, you are one lucky goose to have such great friends but let me tell you...they get just as much back from you!

    Wafels and Dinges~Oh My!


  4. Lol "gaggle" ...I died laughing when you told me you want a gaggle of kids one day hahah you're the best!

  5. Ummmmmm, I really want one of those Wafels and Dinges! They look amazing a "must do" next time I am in New York.

    It is so amazing to have great friends isn't it! I love being able to call someone and they will drop everything to come and listen. Hope your day is amazing tomorrow :-)