20 March 2012

curiouser and curiouser.

i've got a habit of acquiring books without regard for space, and i now find myself with a collection that has long outgrown proper shelves. i made do for a while with my window sills, but the sun began to bleach the pages. many of them currently live in the cut-out of my wall and block most of the natural light flooding the kitchen. i'd love to stack the larger ones on the hardwood floor, but this old place gets dusty fast. what to do! where do your books live?


  1. When I moved to a smaller place, I had to give a lot of my books to my parents, who currently keep it in "storage" for me (storage, meaning anywhere they can find a place for them).

    We have bookshelves, but even they don't hold all of me and Bob's books. We just pile the rest in size order, right on the side of the case. Other people say it's clutter, I say it adds character!

  2. At the moment they all fir on shelves but I had a clear out to get rid of a few--which was hard and sad. Also I think our coffe table has become more of a book storage facility rather than a table for our cups!

  3. Dust and stacks are inevitable for bibliophiles. Embrace the chaos. :)

  4. I love your little book nook! You are well on your way to one substantial library!
    Just leave some room for 2 guests to sleep! XOXO

  5. I have the same problem! As a kid, my aunt bought me a bookshelf, but it only had 3 shelves and is long since filled, with a number of books stacked on top as well. There are a bunch stuffed in drawers, and stacked next to the bookshelf, and even more put into boxes in closets and basements. I dream of having shelves on the walls, and I love your windowsill idea!
    <3 Kiersten

  6. oh books! especially lined up nicely on a shelf (or in my hand... :))
    since i moved i just have 3 large piles on my dresser.

    love your blog by the way found you via sophie). i'm definitely a new follower!