13 January 2012

a postcard


from this dark apartment, yellow rainboot, red bowl of coffee sort of morning.


  1. It looks like we may soon get a postcard from a cold apartment, yellow snowboot, brown parka, red bowl of coffe sort of morning!! Enjoy my dear!!

  2. I wish I was in New York, I am so jealous of you. The city looks so lovely in the rain though. And with a cup of coffee you can't go wrong.

  3. love these photos! i do believe NYC has made it onto the 'must visit' list. maybe i'll smell the rain sometime in the next couple years!

  4. wow beautiful!!!


    I dined out at Christmas eve and stayed home all day long at Christmas.

    And at New year's day either.

    What did YOU do at Christmas and New year's day?

    have you been to the Times Square for new year celebration?

  5. omg i need to come to nyc...dyinggg to visit it. so jealous of you haha x