18 January 2012

jack's stir brew.

i always wonder about the city when i'm at work all day. i miss feeling part of it like i do when i'm moving about it or watching it from the window seat. i didn't have to work on monday and felt almost scandalous about it, like i was supposed to be somewhere but was just hanging out in the village instead. somehow a weekday always feels so much more luxurious than a weekend. 

i loved waking up late, taking my time, and baking at home in the afternoon. my favorite part, though, was the discovery of maple cinnamon lattes at jack's stir brew down in the west village. it's not that i mind the trip over to brooklyn for maple lattes; it's just that options are nice. 

something else that's nice: jack's supports local farmers and promises "only 36 hours from the cow to your coffee." i'm so glad places like this exist.


  1. Oh, I feel the exact same way when I'm at work. It feels like I'm missing out on tons of great things, when I'm just sitting at my desk, watching the clock on my computer. It was wonderful having Monday off. I'm already looking forward to President's Day!

  2. I really liked this post. I totally agree.

  3. "somehow a weekday to myself always feels so much more luxurious than a weekend." I completely agree! I never quite know what to do with myself, but I usually end up doing laundry, catching up on Bloglovin', and eating yummy, unhealthy things. It's the best.

  4. totally agree!! i adore when i have a weekday off. it's fantastic and magical. and i love the little ps about jack's brew at the bottom. xoxo