26 December 2011


i made it to south carolina on friday, just in time to frost the christmas cookies, go last-minute shopping with my dad, and see the blue ridge looking so very blue. i forgot how much i like it here, back where i ride in cars and not subways and the stars are always out. there aren't really words for how glad i am to be here, but i think juno macguff captures it for now:

"i never realize how much i like being home unless i've been somewhere really different for a while."


  1. I LOVE all your pictures! Those cookies look too good to eat!


  2. Looks beautiful! I made all my cookies, as I do every year. But for some reason this year my sugar cookies wouldn't come out! Even though it's after christmas, I think I'm going to try again soon!

  3. wow beautiful!

    how have you got your day?

    i went to the restaurant on saturday 24th,dec

    and i stayed at home on sunday,25th,dec