23 November 2011

wednesday, grateful.

grateful for the clothes that are tumbling in the dryer as i type this, the coffee i sip as i wait, the city i see out the window, the parents on their way to see me.

grateful for afternoons and coffeeshops and smiles and song lyrics. for lifelong best friends and crisp white sheets and my job making books. for serendipity and laughter and the b train that always comes on time. for love and photographs and postage stamps and books and the promise of winter. 

grateful for life, for this earth, for being here to experience it. life is a lot of things. it's happy and complicated and sad and beautiful. it is funny and painful and funny again; it is joy and sadness existing side by side. it's not perfect, of course it isn't, but it is certainly good. so, so good. 

and that's what i am thinking about this afternoon, as i watch the city busy itself with thanksgiving, straighten my own little apartment in anticipation of guests, and consider just what it is we are celebrating this week.


  1. Wow, I really needed to read that. No, life isn't perfect, but it's so, so good!!! And it's the relationships that make it so good, I think. I love having friends like you; you are so uplifting. :)

  2. Beautiful. Beautiful post. Beautiful words. I love you Alexa! Thanks for sharing this. Happy thanksgiving.

  3. LOVE the pop of the blue against the red! Great pictures!