18 November 2011

a postcard

from life lately.

thai take-out, binge watching the big bang theory, the discovery of trader joe's peppermint joe joes, a fascinating poetry reading, and finally learning the name of that quirky, beautiful song i keep hearing in the most random of places: perpetuum mobile by penguin cafe orchestra.

also this week: getting thismuch closer to thanksgiving, to celebration, to that family
of mine that i miss so much. a very good week indeed.


  1. I just love a little Sheldon Cooper! And I am bursting at the seams to take flight on Wednesday! 5 days and counting! XOXO

  2. I keep hearing everyone rave about Peppermint Joe Joe's, but unfortunately us Utahns are deprived of TJ's! I'm going to have my brother pick some up for me when he goes home for Thanksgiving.