11 November 2011

a postcard

from 11/11/11 and the end of that peaceful, golden week. 

it seems that peak leaf season is upon us, but i am hoping hard that they will stick around 
for two more weeks, just long enough for my family to see them at thanksgiving. it is probably a lot to ask, but here's to wishing.


  1. Beautiful! and by the way...you better get out of that homebody mode because I have my walking shoes (actually, my new boots) ready to hit the streets of NY. I have Macy's balloons to see, unlit Rockefeller Christmas trees to gaze at and a Christmas tree I must haul up 73 stairs! I will exhaust you! I love you!

  2. Your postcards are the best! You should seriously start a cute little postcard stand... maybe in Bryant Park?!?!