14 October 2011

a postcard

full of wishes for fall.

i wish i would be a little more patient waiting for all those pretty leaves to change, i wish i could could take the b train and only the the b train forever, i wish last night's 1:38 am thunderstorm would happen a little more often, i wish i didn't have to miss people.

such simple little wishes, but they're what's on my mind this grey, rainy morning when i wish i could be be home and cozy, burning fall candles and reading books like this all day long.

1 comment:

  1. I need to read that book!

    And I have to say, I agree about the B train. It's my favorite train by far. I'm glad i'm not alone in that opinion, it makes me feel like it's more legit because someone else agrees. It really is the best.

    That thunderstorm was INCREDIBLE! There was lightning every 5 seconds, literally. It was so amazing.

    I am loving the onset of fall! It happens so slowly here. In utah it flips directly from summer to winter, haha.