05 September 2011

weekend (in the countryside).

after a bit of a (welcomed) detour, we finally made it to london and took a train ride over to devon to spend a few days with heidi's grandparents. for generations, her family has lived in the same 13th century village, where thatched cottages, norman parish churches, and rolling fields of heather gave us a glimpse of the olden days.

 there are so many things that i want to remember about my time there: heidi's sweet gran waking me up each morning with a sing-song voice and a cup of tea, her grandad's folktales, wild horses roaming freely on the countryside, the train ride from london to devon and back, that drive we took through the moors to the sea, her grandparents waving us off as we left, the subtle, lovely smell of england...things i will remember for the rest of my life. 


  1. If this isn't perfection, I don't know what is! You are living a fairy tale my dear! I can't wait to see more! XOXO

  2. THe picture of the waving grandparents. Awwwwwww!!! SO GREAT! Love it. Love this whole post. What an amazing trip and amazing memories. I love how you are so present in the moment, enjoying every moment and recording and remembering it all. You are one who enjoys life as it happens. I like that and need to be more that way.

  3. I agree with each of the comments above! I'm so happy for you and your dreamy experience! Stunning photos.