16 September 2011

a postcard

from my thursday evening, sometime around 7.

it's when i first recognized fall. not that it's coming, but that it has come. the sun burned away and lit up the east side and i shivered as i watched. 

and fall it is. time again for boots and tights and pumpkin-flavored things, for maple syrup lattes and dusting off that 1946 edition of robert frost, for leaf-stomping and apple-picking and hurrying home to bake with our bounty. the time i've been waiting and waiting and waiting for, and i won't pretend that i was patient. 


  1. This picture is so beautiful! It looks like the buildings are melting into the reservoir!

    And... I haven't quite leaf-stomped but I did crunch a dried leaf under my shoe, on purpose, the other morning.

    I can't wait to use my apple peeler-corer-slicer on apples I pick! And I think a pumpkin ale will be just the beverage of choice while doing this!

    Oh!!! I have the bug too! Happy Fall! XOXO

  2. You write like a poet! I think I'm excited for fall too!

  3. Fall is marvelous! I love feeling completely comfortable with the temperature outside. I love all things pumpkin as well, and I love living in a place where the leaves change to marvelous shades of orange and red. I can't wait for your fall pictures.